Santa Fe Event & Meeting Space

Native American Celebrations at Hotel Santa Fe

At Hotel Santa Fe, we understand the importance of gatherings – our Picuris Pueblo partners have celebrated them for more than eight centuries. As the only full-service, Native American owned hotel in Santa Fe, we offer your group the chance to experience the traditions of another culture.

Suggestions for Opening and Closing Your Meeting

Native American Blessing

Inspiration comes in many forms, but perhaps none as powerful as a traditional Native American blessing to begin or end your meeting. Smell the scent of sage and feel the power of prayer as you give thanks for a successful day at our Santa Fe meeting space, or send guests home with hope and inspiration!

Native American Drumming

True innovators march to the beat of a different drum. There’s no better way to celebrate the unique qualities within your group or how they work and play together than by participating in this powerful Native American activity at the start or end of your meeting at our downtown Santa Fe hotel.