Audio Visual

Complete Audio Visual and Meeting Services

AV Systems is Santa Fe’s largest and most experienced audio visual services company. Out technicians are highly trained in the installation and use of audio visual, video and computer presentation equipment.

Technicians are available 24 hours a day and carry pagers and cellular telephones for immediate response to your equipment and service needs.

Equipment rental fees include delivery to the meeting room, one set-up and one pick-up during a 24 hour rental period. All prices are per day rentals; no half day rentals will apply.

All equipment rental and labor rates are subject to state and local sales taxes. Prices and equipment offerings are subject to change without notice.

Call for current pricing.

Projection Equipment

  • 35mm Slide Projector
  • 35mm Slide Projector w/wireless remote
  • Bright Module for 35mm Projector
  • Long Throw Lens (9″ to 12″ Zoom)
  • Two Projector Dissolve Unit
  • Carousel Universal Slide Tray (80)
  • Caramate Slide Previewer
  • Overhead Projector (3000 lumens)
  • Overhead Projector (4000 lumens)
  • Overhead Projector (7800 lumens)
  • 6″ Tripod Screen
  • 8″ Tripod Screen
  • 6′ by 8′ Fast Fold Screen (Front Projections)
  • Rear Projection Screens
  • Screen Dress Kits

Video Equipment

  • ½” VHS Player/Recorder
  • 1⁄2″ VHS Player with autorepeat
  • ½” S-VHS Player/Recorder
  • ½” International Player/Recorder
  • Hi 8 8mm Player/Recorder
  • ¾” U-Matic Video Player
  • BetaCam SP Player
  • DVD Video Player
  • 20″ TV/Video Monitor
  • 25″ TV/Video Monitor
  • 27″ TV/Video Monitor
  • 32″ TV/Video Monitor
  • Professional VHS Camcorder
  • Professional S-VHS Camcorder
  • Fluid Head Tripod for Camcorder
  • Blank VHS Video Cassette Tape (each)

Video Projection

  • LCD Video Projector (for use with 6′ screen)
  • LCD Video Projector (for use with 8′ screen)
  • Video Switcher
  • Video Distribution Amplifier

Note: Above LCD video projectors require VCR or DVD player and stand alone or house sound system)

Audio Equipment

  • Microphone, podium, table or floor
  • Microphone, professional (SM-58, PZM)
  • Microphone, wired lavalier (clip on)
  • Microphone, wireless handheld, lav or headset
  • Audio Mixer (up to 4 microphones)
  • Audio Mixer (up to 8 microphones)
  • Audio Mixer (up to 12 microphones)
  • Audio Cassette Recorder/Player
  • Audio DAT Recorder/Player
  • Audio CD Player

Note: Above players require amplifier and speakers.

  • Boombox (AM/FM CD/Cassette Stereo)
  • Blank Audio Cassette Tape (60 min)
  • Blank Audio DAT Tape (60 min)

Sound Systems

  • Small PA System, powered speaker on stand
  • Medium PA System, 2 Speakers on Stands
  • Battery Powered PA system on stand
  • Tour Guide Handheld PA System
  • Bullhorn with Microphone
  • Hearing Assistance (ADA) Systems
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Presentation Equipment

  • Flipchart Stand with Markers, Paper Pad
  • Additional Flipchart Pads
  • Whiteboard, 3′ by 4′, markers, Eraser
  • Whiteboard, 4′ by 6′, markers, Eraser
  • Tripod Easel 15.00 Podium, Table Top
  • Podium, Floor Standing
  • Podium, Executive with light
  • Laser Pointer
  • Digital Speaker Timer
  • Message Board with Pins and Stand
  • Small AV Cart with Drape
  • Large AV Cart with Drape


  • Technician/Projector Operator
  • Audio/Video Recording Specialist
  • Computer/Network/Video Conference Specialist

Computer Equipment

High Performance Windows and Macintosh computers for daily or weekly rental. Also laser printers, monitors, CD ROMs, analog and digital modems, scanners, stereo sound, Zip drives, SuperDisk drives, remote controls, printer sharing, networks and cables, Internet acess

Computer Display

  • 15″ SVGA/Mac Monitor
  • 17″ XGA/Mac Monitor
  • 20″ SXGA/Mac Monitor
  • 29″ SXGA/Mac Monitor

Computer Projection

  • LCD Projector (up to 6′ screen)
  • LCD Projector (up to 8′ screen)
  • Interfaces, switchers for PC, Mac
  • VGA/RGB Distribution Amplifier

Office Equipment

  • Fax Machine (plain paper)
  • HP Laser Printer
  • IBM Selectric Typewriter
  • Speakerphone
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone


  • Two Way Radios (non-repeater, each)
  • Display Pagers
  • Cellular Telephones
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Streaming Video Internet Presentations

Audio & Video Recording

Professional audio & visual recording, editing, duplication, video tape format conversion… please call for current pricing

Video Conferencing

Full screen, full motion video conferencing using PolyCom ViewStations on worldwide dial-up ISDN network. Also access to all Kinko’s video conferencing rooms..please call for current pricing

For further information, and for items not on this list, please contact Hotel Santa Fe’s Conference and Catering Department.